100% Quality Organic Eggs


What we do

Nature Pure LLC, located in Union County Ohio, is a family owned and operated egg farm.

 In our laying houses we produce nutritous, fresh organic eggs of the highest quality with the most efficient production methods under the highest animal welfare standards. We also raise our own organic pullets from one day of age and all organic feed is mixed in our own organic feedmill. 

Tour Our Farm

Tour Our Farm

Click on the image above to learn more about what we do to care for our hens.  

Tour Our Egg Processing Plant

Click on the image above to learn more about how we gather, wash, sort, pack and distribute our fresh organic eggs.


100% Cage-free Organic Eggs

A lot goes into producing an organic egg from feeding day old chicks organic "starter diets" to superior healthcare and freedom to the outside. 

Poultry Feed- Conventional & Organic

Nature Pure has its own on-site feed mill that produces the organic feed for our hens as well as conventional feed for other local poultry farmers.  

Organic Manure

The manure our birds produced is is collected and repurposed as fertilizer for local organic crop growers. Of course non-organic farmers can always apply this product as well. 


Main Office

26586 State Route 739

Raymond, Ohio 43067

Phone:          +1 (937) 358-2364
Fax:               +1 (937) 358-2520

E-mail: info@naturepure.us